Stunning modern villa in the Alpilles mountains


This project is a great achievement for the owners, a fitting reward for their patience. Over a fairly long period, they set about finding a property, buying up enough land to accommodate the desired surface area and finally, choosing a team.

Communication and the discussion of every detail helped all those involved, whatever their role, to push their limits and achieve the best results.

Our clients were heavily involved at every stage of the project and their participation enabled us to find solutions using innovative techniques (double walls with space for including stones, elevated walkway, glass staircase, etc.) to create aesthetic elegance and quiet sophistication (thermal comfort regulation, a complex structure and a heating/ ventilation system with 4 energy options).

Villa d'exception dans les Alpilles : croquis

The aim was to create a home with the appearance of a renovation project, in keeping with the regional context, but with some more daring elements to create a dialogue between the indoors and the outdoors in various places.

The garden was designed with the house, by Luc Echilley, Landscape Artist, and is intertwined and inseparable from the building.

Inside, everything was carefully considered and chosen with an eye for high-quality materials alongside recycled materials and their use in the right measures.

Location: Alpilles
Net floor area: 680 m2
completed in 2012
Project duration: 24 months