New villa in Paradou


Situated on a very rare piece of land of 5000m² along the southern foothills of the Alpilles mountains, the project of building this house immediately appealed to us. The house had to offer modern comfort and fit in with the regional style of architecture.

Villa contemporaine à Villeneuve-les-Avignon : croquis n°1

Despite its traditional appearance, the house offers an interior that is much more contemporary, with large spaces, organised with a succession of adjoining rooms that open out onto the south façade.

The centrepiece of this organisation is the staircase that overlooks the living room with an open corridor and suspended passageway that lead to the night area.

Outside, the two night wings surround a large terrace and a swimming pool. In order to fit in with the neighbouring properties, several rows of olive trees were planted in front of the house.

Location: Le Paradou
Net floor area: 460 m2
Completed in 2010
Project duration: 15 months

Villa au Paradou : croquis