Contemporary villa in Villeneuve-lèz-avignon


On this hillside site overlooking Avignon and the Rhone, the project of a contemporary villa was founded on old dry-stone wall terraces, in order to offer its occupants the best of this stunning environment. Beneath a minimalist single-sided roof, large glass surfaces close off the main space of this house, where the exterior and the interior blend.

Villa contemporaine à Villeneuve-les-Avignon : croquis n°1

Protected under its roof, this sheltered space naturally turns towards the main vistas. You can’t help but look at the swimming pool that acts as an extension of the terrace and as a mirror, its reflections shimmering on the long roof eaves.

In addition to this very open main space, the house also has a distinct night area, more intimate and compact, behind a thick separating wall.

A simple concept, pristine spaces, chosen with regards to the characteristics of the place where this villa was built…

Location: Villeneuve -les-Avignon
Net floor area: 250 m2
Completed in 2007
Project duration: 9 months

Villa contemporaine à Villeneuve-les-Avignon : croquis n°2