Urban country house in the Alpilles Montains


An exceptional location for a house in the middle of a large piece of land on the outskirts of Sthe Alpilles mountains, where everything seems possible.

The happy owners made an excellent choice and, in this setting, could imagine the architectural programme of their dreams. As well as the conveniences expected in such a house, they wanted an indoor swimming pool set out as a living room. To achieve that, the technology had to be reliable in all seasons and of course, completely integrated with the rest.

The old country house blends in with the new design. It has modern wings on each end, that encompass a garden hidden from the neighbours that was designed by Marie-Pierre Gregoire. The interior of the country house is contemporary, with a succession of adjoining rooms along the south façade that make the best of the light.

Mas de ville dans les Alpilles : croquis

Location: Alpilles mountains
Net floor area: 324 m2
Completed in 2010
Project duration: 15 mounths