Town house in Antibes


This 18th century farmhouse in the heart of Antibes is a little treasure. Nestling against the hillside on a large plot with a beautiful garden, it is a delightful surprise.

The new owners wanted to bring this charming house back to life with all the most modern conveniences.

Maison de ville à Antibes : croquis

The biggest change was to design a new kitchen, but this led to a major redesign on all the floors of the house, extending the innner courtyard and creating a winter garden in harmony with the other buildings.

Major underpinning was required inside to create a large reception room and a combined heating-air conditioning system installed on all floors, which was not an easy task, even with the conversion of the upstairs bedrooms and washrooms. The contractors had to show great creativity to incorporate our customers’ various souvenirs from trips to all five continents and to ensure that the final effect concealed the technical aspects of the work, making the house appear as if it had been designed that way from the outset.

Location: Antibes
Net floor area: 600 m2
Completed in 2014
Project duration: 12 months